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For my character I wanted to try something a little bit different. I didn't want to do just some kind of human character, I looked into trying something I had not done yet.  This is where I came up with the idea of doing a Naga. A half reptile, snake creature that merges with humanoid features. Reptiles were completely new territory to me but I wanted to give it ago as I am fascinated on the ways I could implement the impressive skin details.  Inspired by pirate culture, I re-imagined what is typically found in Indian legends to give it more of a caribbean look. 

I am very happy on how it turned out, it is one of my proudest sculpts I have done and I have learnt a lot in the rigging process for when dealing with unique body structures.

In future projects I am really eager to learn the Substance workflow. This will aid me in creating some really cool textures and push realism even further, especially as texturing is one of my weaker points at the moment.  

Marmoset viewer and more:




Install instructions

Please use the Cinematic camera in the game scene for best result 


Oliver_Fayers_Rising_Star_Character Sketchbook.pdf 4 MB
Rising_Star_Sea_Beast.zip 158 MB

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